Courage looks different for everyone.

Courage to take the next step or one more step at all.

Courage to say no, to choose better for yourself, to persevere. 

Courage comes in all shapes and sizes. You don’t know what courage looks like for others. It’s not a large life defining moments for most people. For some, it may be huge stuff. Kudos to you. Keep that sh*t going! For the others like myself, courage looks like this…….

The first time I recognized my passion. The first time I shared my passion and vision. The first-time others endorsed my skill. The courage it took for me to acknowledge I AM GOOD AT THIS!! WHOA. That’s that one that took a while to sink in. Courage to me means long nights planning, dreaming and growing. And then, acting. That last one took every ounce of courage and heart.

If you found your way to this blog post, that means you visited my website and you’ve already shared in my passion. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I worked my butt off to act on my dream, create this vision and share a piece of myself with complete strangers. Well, not all of you are strangers but many won’t even know this little fire burned inside of me.

I’m supporting you! I hope you embrace COURAGE. Whatever it looks like for you. Embrace the vulnerability and keep moving. This is only the beginning.

Check back soon for more blog posts. Disclaimer: I’m new at this so be patient with me! I’ll frequently be asking for topics or sharing funny stories, epiphanies, etc.

Be authentic. Stay stylish.




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