Can I do this? How in the world do I do that!?!? Maybe I should stop? What am I even doing? I just screwed up. I cannot keep up with what is hot. Oh no, I did not think about that. Nope, will not do that again. OH YEAH, I am getting the hang of this. Nope—not yet. Okay. Okay.

These are the daily conversations in my head. Literally.

The scariest part for me has been the legal and financial aspect but, that may be the easiest. I mean, let us be honest, you can make some serious mistakes in that space but…. The scariest is self-doubt, questioning and sorting through everyone’s opinions.

We should talk about the last one. I am overwhelmed with support and kindness from my family, friends and people I do not know. Shout out to the other women and business owners who are hyping strangers and supporting each other! What a great feeling! I could not have done this without help! Everyone should know how it feels to have people believe in you.  If you need to hear it—I believe in, you!

There will always be naysayers, disparaging onlookers and those who provide advice only to boost themselves. Luckily, good people are in abundance and cream always rises to the top.

Several people have said, “Wow this all happened so fast!” And in a way they are right. It did happen fast once it became official, but this plan and idea has been swirling around in my brain for years. Once you hit go, you keep moving. Things become more comfortable, you become less scared, you start to see the magic, you feel the support and confidence growing. THAT. IS. SO. COOL. Y’ALL.

I have had a few things try to steal my thunder, remarks that sting, but guess what, who cares. I am here. I am doing it and I am still standing (you know you just sang that song in your head).

Starting is scary but it is powerful! I stood back, looked at what I have accomplished so far, and tears gently rolled down my face. I am here. I am proud. If I ever forget where I humbly started, or my commitment to be authentic, give me a shake! I never want to be too big for my britches (even though that means shopping for more britches 😉)

If you are starting—go you! Keep going! You are absolutely crushing it. You cannot go wrong following your passion.

Big things are coming—the bible tells me so!

All my love,




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