God is within her, she will not fail. PSALM 46:5


Thanks for poppin' in! Really, I can't thank you enough!

My name is Jenna Bangs, owner and heart behind Styled Cactus. I started SC to pursue my love of a good outfit! You know, the kind that will spark a friendship with a complete stranger. I've always been the girl who'll tell you where I bought my outfit and if it was on sale, girl!

I'm 40 and finding a new path these days. My love of style is vast but I have a deep appreciation for western fashion. I grew up on the back of a horse and it's really the best medicine for one's soul. I have two spoiled dogs, a love of old jukeboxes, an obsession with turquoise and boots (like, don't we all?!?!) and I laugh like a hyena. No joke. I spent a lot of years in Texas and I think I left my heart there when I moved back east. If we ain't laughing, what are we doing?!?

Be Authentic. Stay Stylish. That is how I chose to show up for you! My goal is to release the pressures of size, perfection and expectation. Let's show up as our true selves, with confidence; focusing more on the size of our hearts rather than the size of our pants! For real though!

By day, I work in the corporate insurance scene. But, every other minute of the day, I'm putting my heart into my passion- Styled Cactus. I chose the name Styled Cactus because it is believed the cactus represents warmth, protection and love. It can stand the test of time in harsh elements which reveals it's strength and tenacity. I wanted my brand to capture the warmth, love and resilency. So, Styled Cactus was born! A dream prayed into reality. Not a logo or a business name, a purpose.

If there is one thing I wish to accomplish with this business, it's to bring you clothing that makes you feel like your authentic self. Confiendent and beautiful!

I'm so thankful for each of you! LOVE TO ALL!

PS. You look fabulous, Babes!

XoXo, Jenna

Styled Cactus Collaborations

Fabulous ALERT!

At Styled Cactus I love partnering with other women in the industry to bring you the latest, most unique stylings. Check out our favorite influencers wearing SC pieces! We are always adding more collaborations and I love to see how the western fashion industry is expanding!